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#BoldandBeautiful #7758 #Review 20/01/2018


It wasn't easy to get there.
It felt like hours talking around the whole thing,
until #Steffy was finally able to say what happened.
First she presented the good news to #Ridge.
He will be a grandpa.
That made it even harder for him to understand,
why #Liam isn't around to celebrate.
But now, he can understand.
I think, #Bill should run as long as he is able to.
Ridge will come after him, that I am very sure off.
And it won't be beautiful.
But we have to wait until next week to find out.

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#BoldandBeautiful #7757 #Review 19/01/2018


After #Brooke has spoken to #Steffy,
she talked #Ridge into do the same.
They might not be able to help her,
but at least they could listen.
The question is,
what will happen, when Ridge finds out the truth ?
Steffy is ready to tell him everything.
He said before, he will love her till the end of time.
Nothing would ever change that.
But I think, at least he'll see her different.

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#YouTubePartnerProgram Es stinkt zum Himmel 18/01/2018

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Was ich davon halte

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#BoldandBeautiful #7756 #Review 18/01/2018


When god decided to distribute brain,
#Bill must have screamed, not for me, I don't need it.
Bill, you should understand something.
You're not the savior of the day,
you are the problem.
If you really care so much about #Steffy,
you'd have respected her wishes and never touched her.
But you couldn't keep your hands with you.
And now Steffy has to face the consequences.
You really don't get it, don't ya ?
Steffy doesn't wanna have you a phonecall away.
She doesn't wanna rely on you.
The only thing she is interested in, is to get back #Liam.
So please, leave her alone.

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#BoldandBeautiful #7755 #Review 17/01/2018


Who the hell decided to announce them to be a power couple ?
I don't get it.
Every time #Bridge gets on screen, I have so much trouble to stay awake.
It is just boring.
And why does this so called relationship always have to be about sex ?
Don't get me wrong, sex is an important piece in a relationship, but it isn't everything.
And when I think about them and their age, I don't want to see #Brooke always getting naked.
And Bridge like teenagers all over each other.
Come on, why do we have to put up with this crap ?
This episode was 20 minutes boring stuff.

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#BoldandBeautiful #7754 #Review 16/01/2018


As sad as it is, for the moment, it might be the best for #Steam to go separate ways.
They won't do themselves a favour, if they only stay together for this kid.
I am pretty sure they would end up hate each other.
So, I agree with #Liam that is best to annul this marrige.
It certainly don't feels like, now, but I think, with this time off, they might have a chance to get back together, some day.
At least, that is what I hope for.

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Ungeliebt 13/01/2018

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Hallo meine lieben,
heute auch mal wieder was für meine deutschen Fans.
Da ich beim letzten Mal leider den Ton etwas vermasselt habe, hoffe ich, daß man mich dieses Mal gut verstehen kann.

Die Geschichte, die ich Euch heute erzählen möchte, habe ich selbst geschrieben.
Wenns Euch gefällt, bitte mit einem Daumen hoch bewerten, positiv kommentieren und teilen.
Vielen lieben Dank
Eure Emily

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#BoldandBeautiful #7753 #Review 13/01/2018


Oh wow, that was really sad.
If someone says about a dead, he's glad, that this person is dead, so that he didn't has to watch this, that is really sad.
When #Liam talked about his mom in this way, I really had tears in my eyes.
And #Steffy seems not to understand, what she has done.
Isn't she really able to see ?
How can she ask for Liams forgiveness ?
She doesn't understand, what this would do to him.
Of course, there is this innocent baby on the way and they have to think about what's best for her or him.
But even if a stable home is of course best for a child, it might be better, if they don't try to be a family, not under this circumstances.
It isn't good for a child to have parents which only pretent to be a happy family.

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Nur ein Mann würde das versuchen 12/01/2018

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Meine lieben Abonnenten,
heute wollte ich mal etwas Anderes ausprobieren.
Daher mal was für meine deutschsprachigen Fans.
Ich hoffe es gefällt Euch.
Laßt mir bitte einen Daumen da,
vielleicht auch einen netten Kommentar und teilt dieses Video.
Vielen lieben Dank
Eure Emily

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