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#BoldandBeautiful #7719 #Review 21/11/2017


#Bill is like these young girls, who think, they've got a relationship,
only because they've slept with a man.
But the world doesn't work this way.
Sometimes Sex is just what it is, fun and nothing more.
Somebody should have told Bill, you won't always get what you want.
He really thought, now he has won #Steffy back,
just because she couldn't resist.
Big mistake.

Steffy may be not very happy in her marriage, but she doesn't wanna give up.
The only thing she wants, when it comes to Bill, is his silence.
I wonder how long this will work until the whole thing implodes.
To have slept with an other man, is nothing you can hide forever.
Not, if you have a beating heart.
I think, it won't take long till #Liam will notice her guilt.
At least, if Bill has hit Bullseye.
I have the feeling, Bill Junior the 4th is on his way.

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#BoldandBeautiful #7718 #Review 18/11/2017


A marriage needs loyalty on both sides.
Otherwise it won't last till death.
#Liam knows that.
Even with the possibility in mind, he could lose #Steffy,
he came clean and told her everything.
Know he thinks of himself as the luckiest person in the world,
because she came back.
So he wanted a new beginning.
He insisted on renewing their vows.
A fresh start also means to be true in all kinds.
But instead of doing that, Steffy lied straight to Liams face.
She commited herself to be loyal, trustworthy and truthful to him.
How is this possible, if she starts the new marriage with a lie ?

Minewhile #Bill is planing a trip with Steffy.
He thinks, he has already won the big price.
Who will be disapointed in the end ?

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#BoldandBeautiful #7717 #Review 17/11/2017


I knew it would happen.
#Still have made out and now #Steffy is more than sorry.
But I have to say, I am a bit curious.
How could that happen ?
I haven't seen Steffy taking any meds or alcohol.
So how could she not know in the first place, that she's doing a very bad thing ?
She enjoyed to sleep with #Bill, very much.
And after, she realizes, that was not OK and she ran ?

Bill now is the happiest man on earth, while Steffy is going trough hell.
She ran back to #Liam, told him she is sorry for leaving him.
She never should have done that.
He's so happy to have her back, that he doesn't see, she's reacting too sorry for just leaving.
Will he find out what's really going on ?

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#BoldandBeautiful #7716 #Review 16/11/2017


It's funny how things are different and the same.
We remember the time, when #Steffy was in a forbidden relationship with #Bill.
Back then he dumped her and went back to Katie.
Who has come to the rescue ?
Now it's the other way arround.
#Liam and Steffy have fought so hard to finally be together.
And now Liam has messed up, very huge.
There she is, Steffy, the maid, who is in need.
Who has come to the rescue ?
Other location, but pretty much the same.
I can feel it in every bone, a #Still kiss is not far away.

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#BoldandBeautiful #7715 #Review 15/11/2017


What an idiot storyline, today.
How can #Sally dream about a life with #Liam in his home ?
That is not possible.
She never set a foot in his home.
So tell me, how can she dream about it, when she doesn't have any idea how it looks like inside ?
Dear writers, do you think of us fans as dumb people, you can tell everything and we believe you ?
Then you are very wrong.
We all have a brain, that works very well.
So please don't tell us dumb stories.

While Sally is dreaming, #Bill has found #Steffy in the guesthouse at Eric's.
She told him, she'd got in a fight with Liam, but she didn't wanna talk about it.
But Bill wouldn't go.
And in the end, Steffy can feel comfort in his big strong arms.

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A different Cinderella Story – Emily Moore – Medium 14/11/2017

A different Cinderella Story – Emily Moore – Medium
Bell was a very blessed and loved child. She had all what her heart longed for. A good home, friends and parents who loved her no matter…


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#BoldandBeautiful #7714 #Review 14/11/2017


Yes, of course it is questionable while facing death to kiss another woman
instead of screaming for your own wife.
That is what I can give to #Steffy.
But, that is the only thing she has the right to be mad for.
She said, she always took #Liam's side, even if he was wrong.
I don't think so.
The last couple of month, she was loyal.
She tried to do everything to make him feel better.
She never judged a single thing he did.
But it was not her husband she defended in every way.
It was #Bill, his father.
So, she has no right to say Liam was never thinking about her and her feelings.
She also didn't thought about him, while she was cheerleading for someone else.

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#BoldandBeautiful #7713 #Review 11/11/2017


To tell #Steffy the truth wasn't really Liam's best idea.
But he wanted to be honest.
Was is worth it ?
He's begging for her forgiveness, but it don't looks like he'll get it.
Steffy is very hurt by the idea, #Sally & #Liam kissed.
Even, if they thought they'll die.
He could have kissed any other woman, but not Sally.
Does that mean #Steam won't get over this ?
Definitely, this makes Steffy ready for #Bill to take over.
Now he will get his chance to pick up where they've left a long time ago.
Still will happen, I can feel it.

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Listen to your Heart ( Roxette Cover ) 10/11/2017

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Ridge & Caroline / CaRidge - We are one // Memories BoldandBeautiful

For me it is way too long since we had any new #CaRidge scenes.
And because I really can't take it, I had to do something about it.
This is why I made this video.
Some good old memories.
And some sad.
I really hope you like my work.

Listen to your Heart ( Roxette Cover )

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